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Jean Grae is the epitome of cool. From rapping, to starring her own online sitcom, to publishing her own audiobook, Jean pretty much does what she wants with an undeniably enchanting sense of humor and unwavering awesomeness. While it’s no surprise the New York City-based emcee is a comic book aficionado, as her name is a play off of the telepathic X-Men superhero Jean Grey, she has reached certified nerdom with her guest appearance in an upcoming issue of Deadpool’s series.

In Deadpool #25, the “Merc with a Mouth” causes Jean and her puppy to tumble off of their bike. That is when Jean (as I’m sure she would in real life) gives Deadpool a swift right hook to the dome. Jean has since took to Instagram to reconcile with her newly found nemesis, “I want Deadpool to know that yes, I was angry about this bike incident, but we can work it out. I love you, Deadpool.”


Artist and fellow Jean Grae enthusiast, Mike Hawthorne is responsible for immortalizing the femme fatale in the issue. The two have a history, having joined forces on the video trailer for Jean’s upcoming Cake or Death album.

Deadpool Vol. 4, Issue #25, guest starring Jean Grae will hit your local comic book shop this May.

– Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)


Photo Cred: @djbenhameen