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Kevin Durant is staying above the fray

Lil’ B‘s relentless dissing of Kevin Durant, however hilarious and petulant, isn’t amusing to the current MVP frontrunner.


Give it up to Lil’ B for his timeliness, though. In the midst of the worst basketball the Thunder have played all season–OKC had lost 3 straight, and recently surrendered a 16 point lead to the Pheonix Suns, and suffered a wire-to-wire loss at the hands of the banged up Lakers on national television–Lil’ B reiterated why he doesn’t like Kevin Durant, and claimed KD will never win a title, among other things, in his latest diss to the former Texas Longhorn.

Yesterday, Kevin Durant was asked about the Lil’ B business, and according to Darnell Mayberry, a beat writer for the Oklahoma City Thunder, his response was the following: