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It is very easy to become a blogger nowadays. You can go to sites such as Tumblr, Word Press, and Blogspot to create an online blog for free and document your daily thoughts.  But, what is it that makes a blog standout?  Is it the layout? The content? Hm. It definitely has to be the content. These five female bloggers specialize in music, film, graphic design and fashion, and they keep up with trends to make sure they are always in the know. They are well known (which helps their daily blog hits), and they are all artistic and social in ways that advance their careers on a daily basis. Not only are their blogs popular, but they also serve as a source of updates in their industries, and to be featured on their blogs is like being featured on websites such as The Source (yes, their blogs are a pretty big deal). Mellany SanchezVashtie KolaKaren CivilKarla Moy and Brittany Sky seem to have what it takes to make it in their chosen industries, and we all can learn a little bit from them


Check out the pages below to see what they specialize in!


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Pia Fergus (@createdbypia)