Hit and Run leaving 2 killed and plenty injured

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SXSW, hit and run, tragedy, Austin, TexasAs South by Southwest festival begins in Austin, Texas devastation and tragedy occurs at the event this morning. A drunk driver speeding crashed into a crowd of people last night/early Thursday morning killing two people and injuring at least 23.

The Austin police identified the driver when they pulled him over at approximately 12:30 am Thursday. The driver, while fleeing the scene, drove down a one way street that had actually been closed off due to the concert. Along the way of fleeing the scene, the driver had also struck a man, a woman, a taxi cab, and a van which caused the suspect to abandon his vehicle and run. On the run, Austin police chased him, tased him, and arrested him on site.


The suspect is now in custody. Our prayers and condolences go out to all who are injured, affected, and the families of the deceased. During SXSW, please by safe and mindful of your surroundings. Drinking and driving is never acceptable; please take precaution.

Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)