Nyemiah Supreme isn’t new to the rap game but lately she has been shinning brighter than any other female artist in the rap game who is unsigned. Previously working with Dipset and her extended family over at Slowbucks, Nyemiah has recently created a match made in heaven by now working with super producer Timbaland.  Nyemiah’s latest project “There Can Be More Than 1” has gotten the attention of MTV Rap Fix, Fuse, MTV Jams and countless others. With so much going on Nyemiah has still found the time to prepare her newest video “Groundwork” featuring K Camp produced by DJ Mustard which will be released in the next few weeks. While it may seem that we know enough, Her Source has grabbed the opportunity to dig a little deeper with Nyemiah and discuss a few things we think everyone would want to know.
I enjoy starting any interview with an introduction, so please let all the readers of The Source/Her Source know who Nyemiah Supreme is.
Nyemiah Supreme is a Leader. I don’t care about what anyone else is doing, I’m here to Set a Platform for my self! Im that girl that grew up in the hood of South Side Jamaica queens and didn’t let that stop me from reaching any height I aimed for. I am fearless and never take No or maybe as an answer! 
A lot of female rappers are attractive, talented, smart, and business savvy nowadays. What would you say separates you from them?
What separates me is that Im consistently BETTER at being attractive, talented, & smart. I don’t crutch those things, they are just assets. Im glad to have them but going hard everyday is the difference between me & them. You still have to make money after you’re not attractive or appealing & that’s where most female rappers lose. 
You’ve been in this industry for a very long time working with Dipset and others. Now working with Timbaland what would you say has been your biggest lesson so far?
My Biggest lesson is don’t wait for people to give you an “OK” or “YES’ to move forward. You have to make shit happen on your own. Im blessed to have the opportunities from these great artist, but after they help me they go back to their own business, music,and personal lives, and I have to go back to mine. So make sure you have your own shit going.
Your latest project “There Can Be More Than 1” was a clear statement about there is always room for more than one female in the rap game. Who would be your top 3 females to collaborate with (doesn’t have to be rappers) and why?
1. Beyonce because she is fucking Amazing and embodies everything Pro Female. I want girls to look up to me like they do her! She isn’t fearless in her music and I respect that.
2.Nicki Minaj Because I love her energy. She’s fucking crazy and the world loves it. 
3.Lauryn Hill because I loved her musical approach on Love. She wasn’t afraid to put out her story through music. I hide my personal life because I feel like it’s nothing to be proud of, so i’d love to get tips on how to be open about it in my music.
It’s been thing now where a lot of artists have left the U.S. alone and have flourished over in the UK with their music (i.e. Pitbull, Kelis, Azealia Banks etc) You have a very urban pop style to you and you are also a dancer. Have you ever considered crossing over to the UK side of music and creating a sound that would match what they love over there to push your career even further?
No I Haven’t considered it. I want to be just as poppin in america as any other country. I want to conquer every listening ear not just a region. I mean you gotta get your money at the end of the day, but I feel that’s the easy escape. 
Anything extra you would like to tell your fans or anyone who may not be familiar with you as of yet?
I’ve been getting feed back from fans and non fans that they feel my image is too perfect and I don’t open up about any personal aspects or flaws in my life. Im glad they bought that to my attention. I’d love to let them in but I guess I can show them better then I can tell them 😉 so stay tuned!

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