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White Mamba’s Theatrical Debut

The newest ESPN 30 for 30 trailer on Brian Scalabrine, also known as “white mamba” has sports fans all over tickled. The trailer makes Brian seem like he is a star player (which he is), and how he is an all around fan favorite (which he also is). The fake documentary features commentary from players such as Julius Erving and Kevin Durant. Scalabrine is now an assistant coach to the Golden State Warriors, but I’m sure his old teammates will watch this trailer and crack a smile. This fake documentary was tastefully put together, and if anyone else decides to create one for one of their favorite players, it has definitely got to be as up to par as this one. The creator Connor Hough made it realistic enough to go on the big screen, and definitely real enough to make you research it, wondering when the “documentary” will debut on ESPN.

Check out the trailer below!


Pia Fergus(@createdbypia)

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