rappers, creepy, funny, rich, lolMost rappers are of a different breed than us normal folk. The lavish lifestyle circumferences yacht buying, money throwing, gold teeth wearing, pet tiger having and more. Sometimes, these things are just “who the rapper is” and sometimes it’s solely to make everyday people feel inadequate (I swear). Well guess what rappers? Here’s what some of you look like to us. No need to ball out and get all gimmicky about it, just make good music and be rich.

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Ok, maybe normal folk were just never meant to do these things. Maybe they were specifically reserved for the emcees, because we just make it look creepy. Watch the full video below of “Things Rappers Do That’d Be Creepy If You Did Them.” If you don’t rap, don’t try this at home. All stunts and boss moves in this video were done by trained professionals.


Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM

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