Did you miss tonight episode of BBWLA? Here’s the recap!

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bbwla, vh1, draya, brittish, malaysia, jackie, brandiTonight, a few positive things happened to a few of the cast members. Brandi and her husband finally received clearance from her doctor to have the IBF. Brandi can finally conceive a child with her husband post ovarian cancer and chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Brittish finance, who is an overseas professional basketball player, Lorenzo finally hears from his agent who has settled a deal for him to play overseas which means he has to leave immediately.

Jackie is looking to invest in another business: cognac. Jackie and Sundy attend a business meeting in which they learn the make of cognac and more while tasting different types. Afterwards, Sundy meets up with Malaysia and Brandi and decide to have a girls trip to Palm Springs to squash the issues both Jackie and Sundy have with Draya.


Meanwhile last week we watched British and Malaysia end the episode in their heated argument. Tonight, tensions are still ruining high with British and the girls leading up to Brittish not being invited to Palm Springs. Arriving first to Palm Springs, Brandi, Sundy, and Jackie discuss the Draya situation. Is the old Jackie back? The way Jackie strongly spoke about her problem with Draya, it seems like a good possibility. Jackie makes it known she believes that Draya will want to fight and she will not be backing down.

Ending the episode tonight, to their surprise both Draya and Malaysia show up to Palm Springs. Tune in next week when Draya, Sundy, and Jackie go at it ending a serious brawl at 8pm only on VH1

Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)