No more baddest b***h
Trina-The Source

Rapper, Trina has been known to be the baddest b***h of Miami and to dominate a music genre that was dominated by men. These days the Queen of Miami wants to be respected and wants to tone down her overly sexy look for more of a melodic & softer look.

Newsweek recently interviewed and spent the day with the rapper as she tells them that she wants to move on from bad girl rap because she is getting older and that she was portraying this bad girl image that she wants no parts of. She revealed to Newsweek that her image made it hard for people to get to know the real her.

Here is what she said about changing her look:


“It would be more melodic—it’d almost be R&B, It’d be more vulnerable”

If you want to read the rest of her interview check it out at Newsweek.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)