King Los Zero Gravity 2 Album Mixtape Cover Listening

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+New Song “Woke Up Like This” & INCREDIBLE Freestyle


Last Night (March 19th 2014) Washington D.C. bred lyrical giant King Los held a private listening session at the famed Quad Studio in New York City for his new Mixtape Zero Gravity 2, due out next monday March 24th.


It’s been one hell of a 24 hours for King Los- who last year made some major hay as probably the only rapper to come out truly benefiting from his participation in the Kendrick Lamar “Control” response saga (mostly thanks to Kendrick’s own endorsement) Los also made a standout appearance  (so far  a legit contender for verse of the year) on “No Option” off of Kid Ink‘s My Own Lane.  Earlier in the day on Shade 45’s Sway In The Morning it was revealed that Los had parted ways (again) with Bad Boy Records.  Although he had apparently told Sway he was a free agent days prior, this was the first public acknowledgment of the departure.  During the same interview he dropped this BANANAS 5 Fingers Of Death Freestyle.

He also dropped off the new single (which sounded reallll crisp over those Quad studio speakers last night) “I Woke Up Like This”

Later in the day, again talking to Sway, this time on MTV’s Rapfix Live it was revealed that the now infamous Puffy rant at the beginning of Rick Ross & French Montana’s “Nobody” was directed (somewhat) toward Los himself.  He went on to say that there’s a lot more to the speech including some important context.  In both interview’s he makes it clear that although he has parted ways with Bad Boy, it’s all on good terms and Puff is still behind him.

So with all this high grade rap blog fodder circulating today it was sort of an ominous experience being at Zero Gravity 2‘s unveiling.  Almost like a player recently added to the free agency market having a pro day like outing for media and scouts.  The always funny and fly Jack Thriller was in the building as well as fellow flame spitter’s Emilio Rojas and Cory Gunz , pops Peter Gunz was also in attendance, no bare feet were seen , in their place Peter rocked some clean Lebron 11’s.

In addition to “Woke Up Like This ” and the previously released “Play 2 Rough”,  tracks produced by Jay Oliver, Dot & Pro, Devon Cruise and Peter Pan were bumping, including “Fuck The Club” as well as the debut of Los the producer on the song “Do Something”.  In between tracks  Los gave some very detailed and somewhat soft spoken explanations of the upcoming tracks and  the thought processes that came with them.   He also mentioned recent freestyles such as his version of “Pound Cake” will also appear on the project, which consists mostly of all original music.

What makes this tape interesting is that although his typical wordplay wizardry and flow dexterity is more than on display, it’s clear Los was trying to do more than just prove he can spit with this project. “Woke Up ” for example features an almost Migos esque flow,  for an artist so diverse that it may almost be a hinderance,  experimenting with styles and cadences isn’t by any means a new thing but it can still at first seem surprising from someone who is so associated with lyrics and BARS.

Speaking with the man himself after the listening Los explained what his main aim was with this project

“I wanted to revisit the hunger I started with, while sonically capturing the story telling aspect and to always lyrically stimulate but really master the art of creating music, while not compromising who I am as an artist”

Yes he really said something that eloquent (and yet somehow not douchey) on the spot and much like his incredible freestyle’s, without a pause.

Hell of a 24 hours.  The next few weeks & months are going to be interesting…

Look out for Zero Gravity II this monday March 24th.


Spencer @sjeezs