Picasso meets Biggie.

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Natruel2Artist Lawrence Atoigue, better known as “Naturel” has been garnering tons of acclaim with his Hip Hop inspired artwork. With over 46,000 followers on Instagram the DC-based artist has combined pop culture as his primary muse for much of his work, incorporating Picasso’s famed cubism as his art style. The likes of Pharrell and Lebron James have already been immortalized through his work, and the Air Jordan brand has also influenced his art in the past.

His latest work tributes the late Notorious B.I.G. as well as pulls influence from lyrics featured Kanye’s Yeezus album. Prints for the four pieces were available via his site but quickly sold out, which seems to be the norm for his releases. For the art buffs and Hip Hop heads who are interested, head over to Naturel’s website and Instagram account where you can keep up with his art as it is released — trust us it’s all pretty dope.


– Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)


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