turkeyAs a “protection measure”, Turkey’s prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan has officially banned the entire country from twitter. After wiretapped recordings leaked, the government’s reputation is in danger. About a month ago, documents and more voice recordings were released proving corruption in Erdogan inner circle. Something has to be occurring, he was planning to block other social media sites like Youtube and facebook, in hopes of more protection.

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There was an opposing argument from the country’s telecoms group. Supposedly the ban came into affect after several complaints from citizens of breaching privacy. After court decisions and twitter not compiling with requests to remove content. In order to make sure citizens weren’t victimized.

Of course blames of the leaks are coming from followers linked to US-Muslim based affiliates. A group accused of espionage, tapping into the prime minister’s telephone lines amongst other forms of spying. What’s ironic is Tayyip saying the actions are immoral, yet doesn’t find taking a free site of expression away from his people immoral. Turkey citizens can still send tweets using mobile messaging.



Tiy Hampton, @_tiy_