Pharrell-Williams-Elton-JohnSir Elton still wants to make hip-hop records and he has his heart set on working with Pharrell or Kanye West.

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During a recent interview, Elton John spoke about possibly working with the “Happy” rapper.

“I might do a couple of tracks with Pharrell,” he said. Although he says nothing is set in stone, Sir Elton seems highly interested in working with him.


The legendary singer also described his interest in alternative styles of music like hip-hop and electronica.

“For me, I’d have to work with someone who knows about it, like a Pharrell or a Kanye, who I respect tremendously,” he added. “I’d love to do that. It’s just a matter of when and where and, should I do it, the mood that I’m in. You can never tell. It’s happenstance and luck, basically.”

-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)