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Amanda Bynes and mom her Lynn
Credit: Courtesy Amanda Bynes

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We see celebrities constantly falling victim to everything from depression, drugs, alcohol and well Hollywood itself. As fans we often pick and choose the celebrities we rally behind and although Amanda Bynes had quite the weirdest fall and the most disturbing tweets we still wanted to see her get well.

For everyone that has been keeping up with the story and would love to see how she’s doing now, Amanda was treated last year for mental illness and now the former actress is in school at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise majoring in Fashion Design. FIDM had their Debut Runway Show in L.A. on Friday, March 21 and Amanda and her parents were in attendance.


Amanda shared some pictures on her twitter with the hashtag #FIDMDEBUT. Looking amazing she wore a pair of chic beige pants, a black top and had long blonde hair looking very healthy and happy. Amanda seems to be enjoying her time at FIDM and we are looking forward to seeing her have a great come back.

-Lakeithea Nicole (@lakeitheanicole)




amanda bynes, celebrities