I remember watching Supermodel Chanel Iman walk the runway for Victoria Secret, the youngest model to take the runway in chaneliman, net-a-porter, supermodel, runwaythe company’s history, the excitement of seeing someone of color and someone so young on such a big platform I was thinking yes we are making strides, so I thought.

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Over the years we have still watched designers neglect the fact that black models belong on their on runway.

Consider the fact that many of our popular “white” designers use our most known and respected black entertainers in their campaigns to promote their brands but yet they still don’t promote to black consumers or put more black models on their runway.


This whole idea that black models distract attention from their clothing on a runway is so contradicting to the fact that they love to see our artists like Rihanna or Beyoncé in their clothing, straight off the runway. For the first time in a long time I am proud as a black woman to see the fight for diversity and how models such as Chanel are speaking up about their experience in the industry.

The interview with The Edit notes when two years ago Chanel spoke regarding being excused by designers. “A few times I got excused by designers who told me ‘We already found one black girl. We don’t need you anymore’”? Chanel told the press.

Two years later Chanel is still speaking out with no fear of retaliation from the industry.

“I think that everyone should be equal; it shouldn’t be about color. Chanel told The Edit. “It’s unfortunate that there is still a lot of politics involved in both the acting and modeling worlds. I do think we’ve come a long way, but things could still be a lot more diverse on the runway and in films.”

This is a discussion that is important as more young black girls are interested in being about of the modeling industry. Chanel also talked about being a part of Beyoncé’s video with other black models, this whole “skinny” bullying and more.

Head over to Net-A-Porter to read Chanel’s full interview and see more pictures.

-Lakeithea Nicole (@Lakeitheanicole)