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Ahh, New Yorkers. Gotta love em, right? We’re like caviar or sushi; an acquired taste. We honestly don’t care if you like us or not but we’re definitely one of a different breed. They don’t say “if you can make it here you can make it anywhere” for no reason. But I digress. As New Yorkers there are things we absolutely love and go crazy for, why? Well, take a look at this list of #thingsnewyorkersgetexcitedabout. Don’t judge. Accept and understand we are very passionate people.

Spring Weather 
“We get it, we get it” *Drake voice* It’s been an icy winter: two-digit degree weather with real feels of below zero, snow three out of the seven days in a week, and wind that literally might blow you away. This doesn’t mean that the first sign of “spring-like weather” we pull out our jean jackets and lose our hats, scarves and coat. It’s the same season that we get once a year. Did spring suddenly become a day party or perhaps brunch?


Day Parties/Brunch
I’m baffled when it comes to the excitement about day parties and brunch. We prepare for day parties like it’s this exclusive Hollywood party that only we were invited to…yeah, I doubt it. Now I can understand the excitement over brunch, we’re always on the go and don’t quite have the time to always sit down and really enjoy a meal. It’s either that or we’re still hung over from that day party we went to yesterday and by the time we get up brunch is about the only thing that sounds like right. Mimosas anyone?!

Nothing pisses an employee off more than someone who comes into their establishment solely to use the outlets. You needed a little juice for your smart phone that was on 5%.  Why not get that little bit of charge while your friend eats his 20 piece chicken nuggets in McDonalds?

Open Bars
Last Call for Alcohol? No worries, its open bar! This is dangerous all on its own. This is an invitation to get wasted for free and New Yorkers love this. You don’t have to tell us twice!

For some reason, Miami is like a foreign country…

New “Thot” Juice
Just recently added to the “Thot Juice” collection of Lime-A-Rita and Straw-Ber-Rita is the Mang-O-Rita and Raz-Ber-Rita just before the special edition Cran-Brrr-Rita was released during the holidays. Truth be told, we talk a lot about this so called “thot” juice but its in every pic on Instagram next to the Hennessey, Patron and Ciroc…

Street fights (Worldstarrrrrrr!)
We pull out our phones for everything from drunk and belligerent homeless people to Bebe’s kids acting a fool. But for a fight, we will get up close and personal and possibly put ourselves in danger just to get that perfect video and scream “Worldstarrrrrrrrrrr” at the top of our lungs while we watch the ratchetivities.

The Barclays Center
I haven’t quite figured out the hype about the Barclays Center. Yes, it is in Brooklyn. Yes, the Brooklyn Nets do play there. Yes, the arena holds concerts and other events and yes, Jay-Z is a partial owner. But just so you do know it isn’t like a special member’s only club that serves champagne and holds exclusive parties for its members. Hmm, were New Yorkers ever this excited about Madison Square Garden?

Baseball Games
I’ve lived in the same house since I was about 2-years-old and ever since I can remember my next door neighbor has been a Yankee fan. I kid you not; she’s never missed a Yankee game. Note to all: STAY AWAY FROM THE 4 AND D/B TRAINS ON GAME DAY.

Food Trucks
Cheap and delicious. It really doesn’t take much to please us.

Brooklyn’s finest. New Yorkers go HARD for Biggie and I mean HARD. And if you’re from Brooklyn you go even harder.

Adidas Sweats – New Yorker staple.

Constructs – New Yorker staple.

Foamposites – Male New Yorker staple.

New Jordan Releases – Jordans, yet another New Yorker staple. We probably have all of them already yet we run out and cop the latest releases. Some of us even wait on line, (Where they do that at?!) Better get an inside connect.

Free concerts – Because there are so many available to us, we LOVE these. Free concert means good food, and possibly some illegal activities…there’s really no need for me to go in to detail about that.

Max B – New Yorkers be like, “Free Max B!”