DJ Midnite

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  • Britney C. says:

    Salute the DJ. Big moves, proud of you kid. #Salute

  • shay says:

    My boyyyyyy nite!!!!!! You doing it something a lot of people wish they could!!!! We proud of you JERSEY STAND UP

  • GREEZ says:


  • GFEFOCUS says:

    NIGGA WE MADE IT !!!!!

  • Casaundra Cates says:

    SOOOOOOOOO proud of you Nephew!!!!!!! This is only the beginning, greater things are coming!!!!!! God has truly blessed you with an amazing gift and what I love about you, you are the most humble and grateful person I know. Congratulations and I luv you to pieces.

  • Myron says:

    Keep grinding my boy. I’ve watched you come up! The best is yet to come.