OBEY, Shepard Fairey, HerSource Vices, rings, accessories, jewelry, streetstyle, The Source Magazine, There’s nothing like having a cool accessory to set an ensemble off. Better yet, there’s nothing like having a nice piece of jewelry to really make your outfit stand out. When it comes to extremely creative rings we’re all for it. With so many great events upon us, it’s a must to stand out and bring something cool to the table.

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In this case our good friend Shepard Fairey, mostly known for his President Obama Hope poster whipped up something great from his clothing brand OBEY. OBEY is true to the arts when it comes to whipping up something creative. This time around they give us the Chained Craft Rings. This particularly stand out because it’s not only a double ring but the antique silver finish gives off a vintage look that screams conversation piece. It retails for $34 USD and you can cop it here.

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)