Colorado is overwhelmingly approving legalization, yet many have yet to try it themselves
By Curt Cramer

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Since being able to legally spark up as of two months ago, a recent poll shows Colorado citizens are overall happy about being able to legally possess and grow marijuana.

Public Policy Polling’s study out yesterday on the approval of Colorado citizens showed 57% of them think it should stay legal, while only 35% believe it should be illegal. An increase over a previous poll in November.


The ironic part? Almost 9 in 10 surveyed haven’t partaken in any puffing since the law passed. Perhaps this is a parallel with the apparent growing trend of non-smokers who are starting to agree marijuana usage is okay, a lot of times due to the increasing information on the tangible benefits of legalization, such as revenue from taxes, job creation, medical applications, etc.

In the same poll, a new record for approval of gay marriage was also discovered. With a 20 point increase over the same survey in 2011, 56% of voters support it, with only 36% who are opposed. Among voters under 45, 71% think gay marriage should be legal to just 21% thinking it should continue to be illegal.

California might have to pick up its pace in retaining notions of being the most progressive state in the union it seems. Colorado has currently raked in over $2 million in profits since recreational legalization, with an expected additional $132 million expected over the course of the fiscal year.

High times for Colorado… metaphorically and literally.

-Curt Cramer(@CurtisRemarc)