RauryIf someone said Atlanta hip hop, your mind would probably create images of clubs, bottles popping,the mythical trap, and strippers drowning in singles. However, as every fan knows there is more to the capital of the south than just these mainstream images; A-town has fostered some of the most forward thinking emcees and groups for years, just look through Outkast’s storied discography. Producer and emcee Raury is a descendant of this tradition, trading the ear blasting 808’s for more lushly cinematic production and a more conscious approach to writing his rhymes. This doesn’t make him better or worse, but gives listeners a healthy alternative and a fuller picture of the many lives being led down in the Dirty South.

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His latest video, “God’s Whisper”, is a triumphant introduction into his sound and persona. Quite bohemian, filmmakers Andrew Donoho and Love Renaissance  capture Raury’s accompanying music in a unique way. The deceptively simple lyrics mask a deeper, progressive message that puts every youth in control of the direction the world moves in the future. It is an interesting set of visuals that will have you enthralled the entire five minutes it runs. Definitely take some time out and check it out below.



Jimi (@Nativejimi)