Kanye West Adidas Sneakers First Pictures Leak Yeezy Recently photos hit the web via the USUALLY ultra reliable and timely fan forum Kanyetothe.com of what are supposedly Kanye West’s first line of sneaker’s with Adidas.  Any details besides the photo’s themselves are unknown but some  feel the design is potentially in line with something that West would produce for this line of shoes that he has described as being more for everyone than his previous highly exclusive line of Louie Vuitton‘s and Nike Air Yeezy’s.  The darkest sneaker also somewhat resembles that of the black and red “solar” colorway of the Air Yeezy 2’s.

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As soon as the uncredited photo’s leaked people were understandably scrambling to explain what else they could be besides Yezus’s newest bestowment of product. Possibly a new edition of Adidas Yohji Yamamoto collaboration Y3, although that seems it may not be the case considering all Y3 sneakers feature no Adidas logo like these sport.

With the recent unveiling of The West’s upcoming Vouge Magazine cover & Kim Kardashian’s Instagram photo of Kanye’s self designed shoe collection burning up the interwebs as of the last few days, if these sneakers end up being real the Kanye fashion fever pitch will reach peak levels.


The shoes also happen to kind of resemble the Nike Lunar Prestos, but hey Yeezus kinda resembled Death Grips musically (jokes).  Check out the pictures in the gallery of what COULD be the highly anticipated Kanye West Adidas Sneaker Line & let us know via Twitter &  Facebook what you think?

UPDATE: Via conversation with the original poster of these pictures Sop Sneakers, The Source has confirmed that these unfortunately are not Kanye West’s first Adidas colaboration, instead they are most likely a new version of Adidas C10 running shoe.

Pictures From Kanyetothe.com

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