Basketball Wives Recap

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bbwlaFight, Fight, Fight is all we saw tonight on Basketball Wives LA. Not even 10 minutes into tonight’s episode, we witness an all out brawl between Draya and Sundy. During an argument about their differences, both Draya and Sundy said pretty hurtful and personal things. Sundy slandered Draya’s past stripper profession and they both slandered each others children. All together, the slandering ended up in the Round 1 fight.

After the fight is over, Malaysia, Brandi, and Jackie try to calm Draya down. All the efforts to calm Draya down just ended in a waterfall of tears and emotion. Draya and Jackie finally work out their differences between the situation when Jackie told Draya about her boyfriends “infidelity.” While talking, Jackie tries to get Sundy to talk to Draya about the situation which led to Round 2. Sundy throws a drink in Draya’s face and the fight results in Sundy having a serious black eye.


After Round 2, all of the girls sit by the poolside and hash out their issues and begin to try to enjoy their time away. The next morning, Draya evidently is still upset about everyone questioning her life which makes you wonder why Draya or anyone for that matter signed up for reality television.

Meanwhile, Brittish is vaguely seen in this episode other than the fact that her finance is now back at home. Evidently, her fiance did not feel comfortable with the team or the coach in Germany and decided to quit. Hopefully he finds another contract for the season.

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Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)