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Today is Ms. Gloria Steinem, the hipster go go boots, big glasses and maude mini dresses wearing, journalist’s birthday. Steinem was branded as the “face of feminism” of the counter culture flower power era of feminism. In 1972 she co-founded Ms. Magazine. In 2013, Beyonce graced the cover of the magazine as a new “face of feminism” saying she considers herself a “feminist.” Steinem has inspired so many different women.

Steinem is even more current to today’s generation of young women making the world a more positive place. Steinem was essential in Roe.V Wade, Breast Cancer research funding, AIDS research and more. To quote Steinem “God may be in the details, but the goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.”


Happy Birthday Gloria Steinem!

by Michele Amira @nicejewishswag