Kim reveals that baby North peed on Kanye During Their Vogue Shoot

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Kanye-West-and-Kim-Kardashian-posing-for-Vogue-spread-with-naked-North-April-2014 Late Night Seth MeyersIsn’t the best part of being a parent is when your child pees on you? Well that is the life Kanye West lived during his photo shoot for the new cover of Vogue Magazine.

Everyone seems to love the photo when Kim is siting up and Kanye is laying down in front of her holding baby, North on his chest. Little did we know, that the photo was probably one of the most non enjoyable moments for Kanye.


Kim Kardashian, fiancee of Kanye West, appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyer to share some secrets about her fiancee and nine month old daughter. Kim admitted that when shooting that photo, baby North peed on Kanye. Must be really fun to be Kanye West huh? Hmm, maybe not so much, but it still is adorable to hear some of Kanye and Kim’s beautiful moments with baby North.

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