Columbus+Short+Disney+ABC+Television+Group+uJZy9aosaSilRemember the scene in This Christmas where Columbus Short put his paws on that guy for talking about his wife? Well apparently a real life incident involving the Scandal star went down a week ago.

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Police are now investigating a bar fight that sent a man to the hospital.

TMZ reports that while Short was out celebrating a couple’s engagement at Gabe’s Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, he got into an argument at the bar with another patron.


The guy reportedly made this comment to the actor, “You might be richer than me but I get my girls to buy me everything I want, including your wife.”

An eyewitness says Short went behind the 37-year-old man and sucker punched him, breaking his nose and momentarily knocking him unconscious.

The altercation may possibly be a criminal-battery charge.

-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)