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Lose the battle, win the war

Nick Young isn’t your average NBA player–he calls himself “Swaggy P” despite there not being a “p” in his name, he’s dating super hot Def Jam rapper Iggy Azalea, and he proudly sports the number zero–and he sported a bit of his unconventional behavior last night in the Lakers’ blowout win versus the Knicks.


Los Angeles enjoyed a wire-to-wire victory last night, by a final count of 127-96 (Nick Young finished with 20 points), but it was what Young did on an unsuccessful play that makes for this headline. He’s known for sticking both of his arms out directly to the side and holding three fingers out on each hand whenever he hits a shot from long range, and that’s what he was in the process of doing when he (thought) he made a big shot as time winded down in one of the quarters. The shot, which looked as if it was a sure shot to go down, rimmed out at the last second, but by that time Young was already in mid-celebration. It didn’t take him long to realize that in reality, he missed, but it made for a pretty comical moment.

Still, all that matters is that they won.