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If ya didn’t know, now you know that PrezSport is one of the nicest duos out of California. The chillin’, maxin’, relaxin’, and coolin’ beat from Jansport J gets the El Prez treatment of sharing knowledge and showing off. You may think it’s all good that they’re showing you the ropes to the game, but remember that there “ain’t no love in Hip-Hop.” Take notes when you hit play and they hit up a few spots on the West Coast with Biggie in the backseat on the hook.

To add to the theme of the track, we asked El Prez and Jansport J to share some things you may not know about them or the project. You can check what they had to say below. You can also download the U$A tape and watch their other videos HERE.


Jansport J:

-album production was heavily influenced by film and music. Watched/listened to Madvillainy, Only Built for Cuban Linx, Juice, South Central, and New Jack City before production sessions for the album.

-interned at Interscope in college at a pretty unique time with rapper Azad Right, assisting lower level staff at the time who eventually became industry staples: Jason Sangerman (marketing), Christian Clancey (OF management), Archie Davis (Head A&R/OPM management). Learned how to move independently from a major label internship.

-would trade all musical talent for the ability to draw/paint. But I can’t. So beats it is.

El Prez:

IFYA didn’t know… The song “Same King” is a dedication to my brother and other young people that are lost in these streets. I also purposely mention my grandmother in the song because at the time I wrote and recorded it, I didn’t know how long she would be around. She passed shortly after the album dropped.

IFYA didn’t know…. The original title for Urban $treet Americana was Niggaz in America, but we couldn’t use it for obvious reasons. But we DID end up using that title on the first track, just to let the world know where were coming from.

IFYA didn’t know… Jansport J and Myself made sure we were together for the whole recording process, and that we recorded it in a big studio, which was The Mint Room studios, home to Crooked I, Fashawn, myself, and others. We also made sure that it was homies, other artists/producers, and a crowd basically, everytime we recorded so we could capture the proper energy needed to make a record like U$A.

IFYA Didn’t Know… I’m more than just a rapper, I’m also the manager, PR, video director, booking agent, label owner, and more in charge of anything El Prez-related, including PrezSport. Born more out of necessity, I choose to wear these hats until the right situation presents itself. But the on-the-job experience is priceless in this age of independence in the music industry.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)