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Mountain Dew is here to Kickstart the night… literally.


The soda brand, now notorious for it’s former controversial celebrity endorsers, has decided to step in and directly turn up. Their most recent campaign comes by way of a 6-foot Koala conveniently named “Kicks.” Like an in-home nurse, Kicks The Koala‘s job is “making house calls to rescue you from the lame and open you to the awesome.”

Unlike the nurse, Kicks isn’t coming alone. With him is his Hype Crew. The bat bear signal isn’t a light in the dark sky, it’s a simple tweet. In fact, In the know college students can kick start their night simply by sending a tweet to the Mountain Dew Twitter handle @mtn_dew using the #GimmeKicks hashtag within the Tweet.


If this doesn’t drive the concept home, check out how “to get your night started right” below.

-Jamaal Fisher (@jamaalfisher)