bibby1Windy City Upstart Unveils Visual For Mixtape Favorite 

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While other of Chiraq’s drill movement stars have shot to the forefront of the pop culture consciousness with crossover hit singles and TMZ worthy headlines, perhaps none has as much introspective clarity and potential longevity as one Lil Bibby.


Bibby’s initial mixtape offering, Free Crack, was a well-received look into the mind of a young, minority, Second City native looking to maintain at a time where the city of Chicago is parallel to a combat zone for urban youth. While it undoubtedly showed room for improvement, it also displayed a wealth of latent talent, natural star power, and reflection that has been absent from the drill music scene so far.

Today, Baritone Bibby, by way of Complex, delivers the visual for Free Crack‘s standout track, “Water”. The young emcee takes viewers through a wintry, day-in-the-life of Chicago’s inhabitants as he and his associates do their best to stay above the fray.

Peep the video above and if you’ve yet to hear Free Crack, you can download it here.


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