BYgMAAXCAAAlkjD-300x300Meet Sicnarf (sick-narf). Born Francis Ambe with a rap name that is simply his first name backwards. He is a 22 year old rapper from Lowell, MA. Born in Cameroon and a recent college graduate, Sicnarf has been rapping for a short span but has since released his debut mixtape Cubic Zirconia, which has almost 3,000 views on DatPiff.

When Sicnarf team’s up with friends and fellow Lowell rappers, Hank and Rich, they become Eniggma. Their video “Go” which was released a few months back has almost 14,000 views on YouTube.

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Be sure to check out Sicnarf’s recent track release  “Claim” and his “Survival of The Fittest” freestyle.


Random Facts:
-He has lived in over 3 countries and 5 different states and speaks French fluently
-He skateboards (not because it’s cool.. because he legit likes to skateboard)
-He is a proficient graphic designer and designed his artwork cover
-Graduated with a BA in Psychology
-Loves fashion and poetry