chris-brown-studio-electracityLooking back on the last decade in music, specifically R&B, we’ve seen the rise and fall of one too many “promising” superstars. Many have danced, sang and grabbed the attention of women everywhere but none have done it as effortlessly as Chris Brown. Dancing his way into our musical hearts in 2005 with his debut single “Run It,” later releasing his self titled debut album “Chris Brown” later that year and the rest as they say is history. Album after album, Chris reminds everyone when it comes to R&B, he is king and if his proclamation wasn’t enough just ask the millions upon millions of fans just how great Chris Brown is. Five albums, four world tours and many award nominations later, Chris remains number one. On March 9th, the visuals for his single, “Loyal,” off of his album, X,  hit the internet, gaining ten million views in only seven days. Proving to everyone once more he cannot be stopped musically, excluding his personal life, is he the best R&B singer of the last decade?

The genre of R&B has bred legends like Michael Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, R. Kelly and Chris Brown.  Dominating the genre for almost ten years and counting it is impossible to not compare him to the R&B greats. At only twenty years young, Chris has attained fourteen appearances on Billboard’s Top 20 charts, two NAACP Image Awards, nine BET Awards and the most covenant of them all a GRAMMY for his memorable album, FAME. Distracted by Chris’ personal life, many ignore all the things this multi-talented artist has done for the genre and the impact he’s had on the music industry over the years. With respect to the many talented artists that are in competition with Chris for the number one spot in R&B, there’s just no comparison to the catalog Chris has given us.

Enough argue that Chris’ vocal ability is questionable and in no way does he stack up to artist like Miguel, John Legend and the list goes on. I’d have to agree that vocally Chris may not be as flawless as others however his performances are the most captivating out of the entire genre. Eyes are glued to the screen when Chris performs on any stage, somehow many have forgotten the moment Chris shocked the world with an iconic Michael Jackson tribute. Proving yet again that Chris is the most talented R&B artist in the game.


The visuals for his hit single “Loyal” featuring Lil Wayne & Tyga follows the captivating imagery in his previous single “Fine China” flawlessly.  In his latest video showcases just how effortless it is for him to have fun, perform and grasp the world’s attention time and time again. The content of the single is a tad bit aggressive to say the least but to his fans this is what they’ve come to love and enjoy from Chris Brown. Ten million views later, it seems that no matter what he’s singing, wearing or dancing to the world continues to follow him on his journey to R&B greatness. With another smash single like “Loyal” the question still remains: Is there anything that will stop Chris Brown? Fans can only wait and see. Until then let’s debate: Over the last ten years who has had more of an impact than Chris Brown?

Devin Cobbs – (@OfficialDevC_)

Custom Chris Brown Graphic- ElectraCity (@ElectraCity)