Chappelle328.328.254It is incredible to think that nearly a decade after his hit series, The Chappelle Show, aired its last episode that Dave Chappelle still holds such a powerful grip on the cultural landscape. Some of his most famous goofy skits have become part of our lexicon, including his hilarious spoofs as both Lil Jon and Prince. When he stepped away from the flashing lights and cameras, America was on the verge of losing one of its most storied, genius social critic…thankfully though, that wasn’t the end of his story.

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While he has been on tour for over a year, he hasn’t made his rounds to New York, the city that helped launched his explosive career. Well, that will change this coming June, when Chappelle takes the stage of Radio Music City Hall for the first time in ten years. Without exaggeration, this show is destined to be sold out almost immediately after tickets go on sale, on April 4th. If you aren’t excited, you should change that quickly and hurry down to pick up a pair of stubs.


Jimi (@Nativejimi)