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Grammy-nominated R&B singer Mack Wilds has been pretty busy with singing and acting these days. After acclaimed success from his thirteen track debut album, New York: A Love Story, produced by Grammy-nominated producer Salaam Remi (Amy Winehouse and Nas), the actor-turned-singer has appeared on Good Morning America and riding around the northeast corridor performing in concerts.

Since March 16, he’s made stops in New Haven, CT, Wilmington, DE, Washington, DC and Philadelphia. He performs tomorrow at The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge Massachusetts before making a return home on Wednesday at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom.


If you’ve watched the movie, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy will be the first to tell you: there’s no place like home. New York City is a long way from from Kansas—Dorothy’s home state, but according to the Staten Island native, there’s nothing like performing in his hometown. “I’m pretty excited man,” Mack Wilds told The Source by phone.

It’s crazy. I love doing shows in New York. If I could, I would just gig all around town in New York. The energy that I get here is just unexplainable.”

Mack Wilds caught up with The Source and shared his excitement and what to expect on Wednesday.

The Source: How excited are you to be performing on Wednesday?

Mack Wilds: There’s an energy there, I swear! There’s energy that I get here, being at home, it’s unexplainable. It’s still amazing man, it still amazes me. Like the fans and the people in there, the friends and family there; I feel like I sold out Madison Square Garden or something.

The Source: What will your fans expect to see?

Mack Wilds: The same thing that they always get. It’s going to be a really good time. We’re going to go through some of the songs and we’re going to have some fun. I may bring out some special guests. Honestly, it’s going to be a real good time.

Tickets for Wednesday’s show are only $15. Not bad at all for a fun Wednesday night in NYC. The show begins at 8:30 PM ET on Wednesday at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan and the opening acts are Mateo and Giz.