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DoeBIt’s safe to say that Doe B would’ve had a prolific rap career. This morning, Doe B’s,”Homicide,” featuring T.I. was released. No ID updated UGK‘s classic,”Murder,” and Doe matches the beat as he spits, “I’m still Doe B, bi***/So, what the f**k is up/Got ya’ ho on my d***/whole town on my nuts.” Then The Alabama native adds, “I am killing these ni****s/I am killing these n****s/paralyzed to the fake, I ain’t feeling these ni***s/I’m satisfied with the hate.”

As always, Tip reps for the lil’ G’s with big hearts. It takes a lot of confidence and skill to rap over a UGK beat, but Doe B pulls it off. We wish he was still here to give us more Alabama street tales.

Doe’s posthumous mix-tape, D.O.A.T. 3 was released today and is available on Tell us what you think about the track!


Darryl Robertson (@darryl_Robertson)