Recap of tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives LA

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610x360After all the fighting from last weeks episode of Basketball Wives LA, this week friendships are tested!

Jackie is really trying to kick off the branding of her cognac by having a designer come and create a sculpture based on her and her husband posing. After pitching the idea to the execs is not really clear if they will go for this idea or not.


Brandi mentioned in last weeks episode to Sundy, Jackie and Malaysia how she would not consider Draya a friend, but little did she know it would get back to Draya. Draya has an event called “Run For Your Life” in which she invites all the girls.

After getting chased by zombies and bathing in a “mud bath,”  Brittish apologizes to all of the girls for her behavior. That is when Sundy vocally asks Brandi if her and Draya are now cool. Hearing that Brandi thinks their relationship is just “friendly,” Draya is upset and defensive in her response. This leads Brandi to admit that she does think Draya is cool and they have potential to be friends but at the moment they are not due to the fact she does not call everyone her “friend.”

Jackie and Draya have a sit down again to have another “heart to heart” which sadly fell short for Jackie. Jackie tries to convince Draya to have a conversation with her daughter regarding their issues with Draya’s boyfriend Orlando. Draya declined the conversation seeing how there is not quite a point in doing that.

Behind Draya’s back, Jackie sets up a casual meeting with Draya and brings a surprise guest, her daughter. When her daughter sits down, immediately the attitude and jabs are taken. Draya defends herself by informing Chantel that not only did Orlando tell her the information she has on her but other people are saying it as well.

What is really the truth? Apparently, next week is the day to find it when Draya returns the favor by bringing a surprise guest to an event where Jackie’s daughter is. Tune in next week for a brand new episode of Basketball Wives LA only on VH1 at 8pm EST!

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