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ragga 2

New visual from his Recess surprise release, Skrillex releases nay a song, but more a story via his music video collab with the Ragga Twins. If George Lucas was to be of Jamaican origin and into EDM music, this would be his offspring. In a ruin riddled setting that portrays a  post-apocalyptic world (and perhaps a common day Detroit), we find the cast in the midst of a intense, quick paced duel,  with their soundtrack being Skrillex’s development. The video has a “Welcome To Jamrock” feel until a member of one of the affiliations unveils a lightsaber and commences to remind us of a Star Wars Episode 1 Qui-Gon Jinn versus Darth Maul scenario, as the intensive manner increases as the video crescendo’s to its final futuristic climax. EDM meets reggae meets Star Wars. Brilliant.

Watch the video here.


– Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)