IMG_20140401_10532430 Days of Guice, #Day3.

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As promised, Wil Guice is delivering to us a new song each day this month and as expected the hits are rolling in. Today he drops song number three of the 30-day series. It’s another Djay Cas-produced track called “Hat 2 Da Side” featuring D Boy. Djay Cas also produced the first track which launched the soulful R&B onslaught two days ago in a track called “Traphouse.” The collaboration here between artist and producer seems to be a one-two punch and they both know it. In addition to working with Guice, Djay Cas also announced that he is taking on a project in his own right and will be delivering his debut mixtape this summer. Earlier today he released the lead single “Billion Strong Remix” featuring Black Cobain, Fat Trel, and Donnatella. As for Guice, yesterday he dropped song number two, a drum-heavy track called “Born to Ball.” Check out both songs here and stayed tuned for the remaining 27 joints.

Mario López (@M5Motie)


“Born to Ball” is a track that needs no intro.