Barkley, JordanSounds like basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan may actually belong in the Hall of Shame…

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Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest basketball players of all time but it seems he may need to work on his drive to help the less fortunate as much as he’s worked on his jump shot.


His best friend, Charles Barkley, appeared on Conan last night, where he basically aired Jordan out, saying “There’s nobody cheaper than MJ and Scottie Pippen…..I always give homeless people money and [MJ will] always slap my hand and say, ‘If they can ask you for spare change they can say ‘Welcome to McDonald’s, can I help you please?'”

Luckily for anyone who runs into Charles Barkley, he’s not down with Jordan’s Stingy McScrooge act, saying “The more successful you are, the more you should tip. I truly believe that.”

Back to Jordan though….so this is the man y’all wanna give your hard earned money to and stand in line for hours on end to do it, or na?

Michael Jordan, you sir, are in the Hall of Shame!

Like Rick Ross once said….”How many people you blessed is how you measure success.”

Apparently MJ isn’t the man, after all.

Check Sir Charles talking about his penny pinching pals in the clip below.

April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)


  • Neal says:

    When he was in Portland Scottie Pippen was well known around town to everyone working in the service industry. They called him No Tippen Pippen.

  • M.J. is correct! If a homeless man can speak in a sentence well enough to ask a celebrity such as Michael Jordan to spare him some change, then yes he definitely does have the necessary skill, and confidence to work at McDonald’s.
    I was homeless, and broke for quite a time myself too! No one spared me a penny!
    What I had to do was use my good verbal communicating skill, and my confidence to get myself a good job to get paid. I finally got the job at a Wendy’s.
    Most of these “bums” are plainly lazy too!
    Although M.J. is super-rich, he should still be very protective of his monies.
    As Mobb Deep rapped: “Survival of the fittest” because it is!
    Charles needs to grow a meaner attitude I suppose. I don’t know.
    Only the strong survive?