jayelectronicaEM13810Jay Electronica has never been one to hold his tongue when it comes to social commentary, especially when he notices hypocrisy in any form. After regaining the spotlight, with a number of high quality tracks and guest verses, he took to his twitter to remind everyone that he is still watching.

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Early this morning, he tweeted out some observations that have come to irk him. Electronica spook on the showmanship of his contemporaries, due to the social media lifestyle everyone ascribes to. Furthermore, he decided to call out all those supposed “thugs” or “goons,” who shoot one another, instead of going after those actively looking to endanger them or their kids. It is a timely group of thoughts, which should be read and analyzed by everyone. Check out the image below.

Jay Electronica Rant Tweets


*Courtesy of twitter user turtlebait2

Jimi (@Nativejimi )