game 2

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The Game, prolific and notorious for is raw and uncut lyrics of fighting street violence and gang altercations (as he is and always has been a self proclaimed Blood). But this time, Game finds himself not battling street life, but rather a reign all too familiar in hip-hop and hip-hop culture: domestic violence. Police reports were filed about a week ago via Game’s fiancee Tiffney Cambridge regarding her man attacking her and it was reported that police took pictures of her bruised face burdened by The Game’s reaction to an alleged argument (Let us pray an image doesn’t get leaked that will all make us reminisce to a Chris Brown vs. Rihanna mutilation). The two appeared on the, “Marrying The Game” reality show and seemed the perfect couple. The Game has time and time again taken graceful pictures with his children, creating the profile of a family man, a changed man, perhaps, from his gang induced youth. However, this (potentially) goes to show, not all is what it seems. As of now, nothing has been confirmed and Game is bluntly denying the accusations against him. I hope they didn’t already put a down payment on that wedding.

To be continued…


– Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)