bukk 2

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It’s only fitting that “Beach” be incorporated into the EP’s double-taking title. Bukk, a self proclaimed satanic who sparked attention off of his 8886 debut release, a member of Relax Rekords (what-up J $tash), more than 10 time arrested convict, kick-flipping Cash Money influenced New Syrmna Beach, FL resider brings to the table his typical yet always refreshing rhyme scheme that fans of his underground “movement”, if you will, have grown to love, a mix of personal experience, witty metaphors, and crude lyricism (check out In That Pu$$y from the EP).

On the “flip-side” of this duo, Palm Beach lyricist/tattoo artist/god of the trap Lex Luger affiliate Ikabod Veins fresh off of his FUCK$ mixtape release with the entirety of the production deriving from Lex himself brings his notorious, all to his own flow, one that sounds fit for a mosh-pitting Rob Zombie concert but yet correlates perfectly with heavy 808’s and timely snares. The tape represents a raw low profit taste of the Florida underground, and how it pertains to hip-hop as a community. Scrapped together within, “a couple days of drinking beer” (Ikabod), the tape does goes beyond the expectation for what you would expect of a 2 day briefly thought of collab EP.


Take a listen and “dive” into Florida’s 40 oz., kush smokin’, syrup pourin’ underground rap setting.

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)

Listen to the whole free EP here and watch the animated visuals for the anthem In That Pu$$y below.