Heidi Klum joined Dr. Scholl’s® to announce the DreamWalk™ line of insoles in New YorkThis week, Supermodel Heidi Klum announced Dr. Scholl’s DreamWalk line at the Gansevoort Park Avenue in New York.

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The new line is designed to help women everywhere bring their uncomfortable shoes out of the “shoe closet.” DreamWalk products instantly transform the most uncomfortable shoes into comfortable, all-day wearable shoes, so they don’t have to stay hidden in the back of the closet. Heidi’s new DreamWalk by Dr. Scholl’s “Tame the Shoe” ad campaign debuted last week, and the product line is available now in stores nationwide.

Check out what Heidi told reporters at the event:


What are your tips for walking in high heels?

Heid Klum: I think that if you can’t walk in them, don’t buy them. Because there’s nothing more unattractive, sometimes, when you see a girl hobbling in shoes she can’t walk in. The hair and makeup is beautiful, the dress is gorgeous, beautiful body, and you see them hobble along and they can’t walk. I think that when you buy shoes, you have to walk around and strut and know you can strut in those shoes, otherwise everything doesn’t look good. It comes with practice, but I think you should do a practice run while you’re buying the shoes, and if you already can’t walk in the store, I wouldn’t get them. If that’s what happens when you put them on in the store, and you usually you’re so taken by the look, you think “yeah that fits”, and then you put them on at home and you think, oh shoot I can’t walk.

When you’re walking, is there something anything you can recommend for our readers to nail down a walk and feel confident and strut like a supermodel?

I think the shoe finishes off everything. It gives you more posture, you look taller, it makes your legs look longer, if you are in a mini skirt or a tight pair of jeans everything just looks better with super high heels. You just know that. So I put them on, and I feel immediately sexier, the higher, the sexier. I also like to be tall, to me, it gives me a confidence when I walk into the room, and having great legs for days, it’s due to the heels. I like to have a fishnet stocking, so it’s nice to have a heel. So I think it comes from the inside, that feeling. It’s the same with beautiful underwear, it just give it an extra sex appeal. Otherwise, I think you just need to know how to walk, you don’t have to walk like a runway model, I don’t walk like a runway model when I walk. But I just know how to walk in the shoes, and you have to have that, otherwise, you go on a date, and you get up to go to the bathroom, and you hobble along, and you feel insecure. It’s better you wear not as high of a heel.

-Vivian Chen