Jay-Z with wife Beyonce Knowles, sporting a Five Percenter medallion rockets_nets_basketball
Media seeks to race bait the rap mogul, Jay Z about his Universal Flag medallion

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Last week, Jay-Z was spotted court side at a Brooklyn Nets game with his wife Beyonce Knowles in what appeared to be a regular celebrity couple night out at the Barclays Center. Little did Jay-Z know that the medallion he wore connected to his 30″ Cuban link would be the item that will be remembered the most from that night.

The New York Post released an article titled “Jay-Z’s bling from ‘whites are devils’ group” yesterday on their website, which stirred up controversy on the blogosphere over the weekend.


The article concluded that the symbol on the medallions worn by both Jay-Z and Knicks star Carmelo Anthony have origins in the Five Percent Nation, in which the article says, teaches white hatred. NY Post reporter Gary Buiso gathered quotes from two sources, both from outside of the New York City area where the Five Percenters originate.

The “symbol” that was shown in the picture in the article, which is the same as the above, is the Universal Flag of the 5% Nation. Being that such a revered figure in popular culture like Jay-Z has decided to wear the flag, it has suddenly come under scrutiny, even though many other Hip Hop artists such as Busta Rhymes, Erykah Badu, Brand Nubian, Digable Planets, and some Wu Tang Clan members have publicly proclaimed their allegiance to the Universal Flag for decades.

The quotes that Guiso gathered were mainly from Michael Muhammad Knight, a white Muslim of American descent that was once a student of the 5% Nation and even adopted the name “Azreal Wisdom”. Knight is now a pro-homosexuality advocate that has authored books about the 5%, even one with the title, “Why I Am A Five Percenter”.

The 5% Nation, also known as the Nation of Gods and Earths, was founded in Harlem where its international headquarters still exist, has never taught anti-white sentiments. Ever since its inception, the Five Percenters have always had white members. There is a common cliche among the Nation that says, “We are not anti-white nor are we pro-black”.

The group’s teachings have now come under acute examination since the rap game’s head honcho has worn the flag. The question still arises, “Is Jay-Z really a member of the 5%?” Guiso quoted Saladin Allah, a well known political candidate and Five Percenter in the Niagara Falls area, as saying that “Jay-Z is not a member–no one has vouched for him”. Being that Jay-Z himself has said very little about the flag in the press, no one can confirm whether or not Jay-Z has become a Five Percenter except for the mogul himself.

Entertainment lawyer and Northstar Publishing Group Owner L. Londell McMillian, who is from Jay-Z’s hometown neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, totally denounces the article’s claims.

“I have known Jay Z for most of our lives growing up in the same neighborhood and attending the same public middle school, he is clearly no racist and not anti-white, period,” says McMillian.

The Nation’s headquarters is located at 2122 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard in Harlem.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)