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Could it finally be ladies and gents? The Apple iWatch finally coming to a Apple store near you. Almost, but even before we see everything that it has to offer, we’re adding it to our HER SOURCE VICES. With so many rumors swarming about, it seems like we may have the actual photo of what is to come. From reports, we can say there will be about 65 million units available at the launch and we’re hoping to get our hands on that immediately. Imagine, tweeting, making phone calls and texting via your wrist!

We also hear that the watch will be made from sapphire glass just like the iPhone 5 and the manufacturing will be handled by Samsung (go figure). Look to do your online shopping and social media on your wrist this summer, June to be exact. We’ll keep you posted.


Source: Cult of Mac

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)