American Express EventThe Source caught up with Joy Bryant to discuss her new campaign to promote the Tribeca Film Festival. 

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American Express and Parenthood actress, Joy Bryant, are celebrating the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival with the city-wide “Faces of Film” campaign that captures the best part of going to the movies: the emotions. The creative with Joy Bryant displays her “Side Splitting”, “Jaw Dropping” and “Hair Raising” reactions.

How excited are you for the Tribeca Film Festival?


I am very excited especially to be apart of this cool campaign I think it’s really funny and awesome and I think people are really gonna dig it. The film festival is a great festival I was actually here three years ago not in the film actually, but as a judge for the emerging narrative category, so that was really special plus it’s in New York! I’m a New Yorker.

How did you get involved with this initiative?

They just asked me and again it seemed like a really cool idea and I loved it. There actually more reactions that they proposed, but these are some great ones that they picked so it was pretty much a no brainer.

Your show “Parenthood” is so loved. Why do you think it has become so successful?

I think because for one we have great writing, we have great actors and we’re also free to freestyle and improvise, so it sounds and feels very real and normal in a way and people can relate and I think that style that we have helps with that free flowing, but also that it’s about family there’s something that I think everyone can relate to you don’t necessarily have to just be a parent to relate to the issues that are going on on the show and the story lines and stuff. And there’s just always something from someone coming up to me like listen “I have a mixed raced chid” or someone who has a child on the autism spectrum or someone whose kids are in college. There’s something for everyone and they can really relate to it. So man, woman, child like people can watch the show and fall in love with these characters and almost see their lives and reflect in it.

What are your favorite shops in New York?

I don’t really shop. I like to eat when I come here you know what I saying? And my favorite place and it was my favorite place when I lived here it’s Bar Pitti. Have you been? Soo good!
You have flawless skin, do you have any beauty regimens you would like to share?

It’s pretty regular. I try to get facials. I don’t get them as often as I should if my face starts breaking out, then I know I need to get one but I just use clarisonics, I exfoliate, I keep it really simple with my products and I guess you can say good genes (laughs). Yes, good genes. My grandmother would smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and never have a wrinkle I mean she passed away at an early age, but she had amazing skin!

-Jasmine Clarke

If you’re in New York you can check out the “Faces of Film” mobile trailer and the “Faces of Film” projections on buildings throughout New York. The trailer will be available from 12PM-6PM daily and the projections will begin at sunset from 7PM-1AM daily.

· Wednesday, April 9th

o 12PM – 6PM Faces of Film Trailer – NYU/Washington Square Park (WSP South at LaGuardia)

o 7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed at NYU/East Village on Bowery and East Houston

· Thursday, April 10th

o 12PM – 6PM Faces of Film Trailer – Meatpacking/Chelsea (Little West 12th and Washington)

o 7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed in Chelsea at 10th and 22nd

· Friday, April 11th

o 12PM – 6PM Faces of Film Trailer – Flatiron/Madison Square Park (Park Ave South and 26th)

o 7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed at Flatiron/Union Square on 6th Ave and 17th Street

· Saturday, April 12th

o 11AM – 5PM Faces of Film Trailer –Tribeca (Greenwich Street & Duane Street)

o 7PM – 1AM Photo projections will be displayed in Tribeca on Church Street and Franklin Street

American Express Card Members have early access to purchase tickets to the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival, all Festival screenings and special Card Member events before the general public before anyone else. For more information visit here.