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Last week on the hit show, The Game Jason still continues to lie to Chardonnay about what Tasha revealed to her about him and Kelly. Chardonnay decides to throw Jason’s things outside and even his daughter Brittany turned on him and she changed the locks on the door.

This week; Chardonnay do some kissing of her own but before she could do that, Jason is trying to make up with her.Blue and Kierra decides to try moving in together, Tee Tee has been staying over at Malik’s house after the lawsuit of his food delivery truck, and Malik and Yana decides to hit the gay club.


Just as things were going right for them, Kierra is emotionally attach to her old apartment and decides to stay. Tasha thinks it’s a good idea for Chardonnay to kiss another guy, but she’s not feeling it all. In order to get over her break up with her girlfriend Shawnna, Yana decides that she wanted Malik to be her wingman as they hit the gay club and find a girl for her. While they are at the club, they ran into Torrie, Malik’s ex-assistant and Yana punches her in the defense of Malik.

Jason goes over to Blue’s house and tries to get advice from them about their relationship and he gives him helpful advice. Tasha and Chardonnay are at her old job trying to look for guys to kiss and she seen one that caught her eye. He approaches her and just as she is about to kiss him Jason stops her from kissing the guy. Instead of being angry, he gave her a brand new wedding ring and told her that she is going to have the wedding of her dreams. But before she could say yes, she ends up kissing the waiter and she finally said yes.

There are only three episodes left of the show!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)