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School violence continues…

Sticking to the violent trends within schooling institutions of the 21st century, Franklin Regional High School of Murrysville, Pennsylvania does not disappoint. With an approximately 25 minute drive from Pittsburgh, Murrysville was struck with devastation as an alleged 20 people were inflicted with stab wounds,varying from mere scratches to immediate medical attention critical, the criminals weapon of choice being 2 kitchen knives. A suspect has been arrested but as of now the name is being withheld. But if this violent act falls in its fore-fathers place of Columbine like settings, one can assume the suspect was most likely a peer of the ones he attacked. Although the suspects name has yet to be revealed, stories have developed entailing that the one arrested was a “shy” sophomore who kept to himself. The mass altercation occurred allegedly prior to school starting in the crowded morning hallway. No wound is expected to be fatal, so not all news is bad.


More to come…

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)


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