Another one gone too soon

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blood money 2

Close friends and industry affiliates of GBE rapper Blood Money have reported, via Twitter, that the “Chi-raq” rapper has died.


Blood Money was not yet an incredibly significant presence in rap, but it is without question that with time too would’ve come his success. Blood Money released 3 mixtape projects all while showcasing his deep, threatening voice backed behind a profound, war-ready appearance, his war paint being two tear drops each falling gracefully from each eye, his football tape being the words, “Blood” and “Money” lettered atop each cheek. Details regarding the deceased has not yet been uncovered. They say the good die young, and this appeases the phrase. #RIPBLOODMONEY #LONGLIVEBLOODMONEY

A$AP Mob member A$AP Twelvy chimed in last night on Twitter as well.