ice cream

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“Before you jump in the game, let’s get one thing understood. If you sellin’ that ice cream, you got to make sure it’s good.”

Master P, Percy Miller, the O.G. Ice Cream Man (Sorry Gucc’), the No Limit Soldier, the child abductor.


Wait. What?

Sonya Miller, Master P’s prior spouse, went to court in a request for an emergency custody order, claiming that the $350 million net worth rap-sta,r Louisiana crowned king, has kidnapped 3 of their children dating back to February, and refuses to return them to their mother (no, one of them is not Lil Romeo).

However, the courts suspended her custody court till July, so the kids are gonna have to drive around in the Ice Cream’s Man ice cream tank just a little longer.

-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)