04.08.14-Mel Ford

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Melissa Forde celebrates her birthday with a ton of friends

Melissa Forde brought in her birthday in style at Supperclub Tuesdays with Supreme Team L.A. In attendance to this event were celebrities such as J.Cole, Mike Will Made It, Future, Christina Milan, Busta Rhymes, and Terrance J.


But what is a birthday celebration without your best friend? Rihanna, of course, showed up to the party separately from Drake. The rumored pair, who again came separate, of course found their way to one another during the night and were seen hugging and dancing.

Here, at The Source, we hope Melissa Forde enjoyed her birthday!

Photos taken from the night can be found here!

Meashel Monique (@meashelmonique)

04.08.14-Supperclub- Future + Mike WIll Made It

04.08.14-Supperclub-Busta Rhymes

04.08.14-Supperclub-Christina Milian

04.08.14-Supperclub-Drake + Ri



04.08.14-Supperclub-J Cole